Monday, October, 24, 2016

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PPSKC Treats Deviated Nasal Septa

KANSAS CITY – Chronic sinusitis affects more than … Read More


Male Patients Commonplace in Cosmetic Surgery Offices

KANSAS CITY – The Million Man March is marking its … Read More


Avoid These Supplements Before Plastic Surgery

KANSAS CITY – Plastic surgery offers so much … Read More

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PPSKC’s Laser Therapy Zaps Vertical Lip Lines – Kansas City

KANSAS CITY – Blepharoplasty – or eyelid surgery – … Read More


Liposuction Does Wonders for “Thick Thighs”

KANSAS CITY – The young woman was attractive. She … Read More


Kansas City Men Use Botox Deals, Too

KANSAS CITY – A recent survey by, … Read More

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Pre-op Prep Optimizes Tummy Tuck Experience

KANSAS CITY – Is it possible to “train” for a … Read More

Melasma or Melanoma?

Is Melasma Cancerous?

KANSAS CITY – The terms “melasma” and “melanoma” … Read More


Women Who Have Had Plastic Surgery Perceived as Trustworthy and Likeable

KANSAS CITY – The board-certified plastic surgeons … Read More

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Tina, our Licensed Aesthetician

Tina comes to our practice with over 20 years of experience as a licensed aesthetician and over 15 years of experience working as an aestheticism in a medical setting. … Read More


Welcome, Sara!

Help us welcome our new aesthetician, Sara! This year she did makeup for the Miss America Up Close and Personal Interviews, the top 15 were aired on ABC. Sara actually did the makeup for Miss Georgia’s interview and she … Read More


Rosacea? You are Not Alone; PPSKC Professionals Offer Help

KANSAS CITY – Rosacea affects more than 14 million people in the United States. Famous people who battle rosacea include Mariah Carey, Bill Clinton and Rosie O’Donnell. This chronic skin rash primarily affects the face … Read More

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Feature Blogs – Plastic Surgery


‘CoolNight’ to Showcase Fat-blasting Method

KANSAS CITY – If it’s possible, the doctors at Premier Plastic Surgery of Kansas City just got a little cooler. … Read More


Will Diabetes Affect Cosmetic Surgery?

KANSAS CITY – We see a lot of good surgical candidates walk through the doors at Premier Plastic Surgery. They are healthy, physically fit, well-nourished and psychologically sound. Unfortunately, we consult with many … Read More


VECTRA 3D Imaging Enhances Plastic Surgery Consultations

KANSAS CITY – To provide potential plastic surgery patients with a more accurate portrayal of cosmetic outcomes, the board-certified physicians at Premier Plastic Surgery of Kansas City have added VECTRA® M3 imaging and … Read More

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THERMIva® Rejuvenation Treatment

Childbirth and the natural aging process cause changes which may affect feminine wellness. A particular strenuous vaginal childbirth, or multiple births, can cause physical … Read More


Cosmetic Surgery Discount for Active Duty Members and Spouses

There is no way to show our appreciation for the tremendous sacrifices that our military personnel and police departments have shown during these difficult times. … Read More


Genitalia Surgery by Dr. Federico Gonzalez, Kansas City

For many reasons, surgical rejuvenation of the female genitalia is becoming more widely discussed and accepted. Trends in fashion in clothing have influenced this acceptance. … Read More

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October Special: BOGO Laser Hair Removal is Back!

Are you ready to throw away the razor and shaving cream in exchange for smooth skin? … Read More


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